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"Silver Capital of the World"


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  First Establishment

    Colonel W.R. Wallace came to the Silver Valley  from Portland in 1883. He first settled in Kingston, and then moved to evolution which is now known as Heller's Park. Colonel Wallace met an outstanding pioneer and a late resident of the district by the name of D.C. McKissick in 1884. Colonel Wallace and Mckissick gathered a group of men and headed to Wallace in 1884. They built the first cabin, to serve as his headquarters for mining exploration in the immediate area, and began platted the grounds and constructed a general layout of the city. Colonel Wallace named the city "Placer Creek". 



    Soon after the establishment of "Placer Center", Lucy Wallace; colonel Wallace's wife came to the town. When she arrived the town's population was 14. She became the postmistress of the small town. She stated that the United States Post Office Department would not accept the name "Placer Center" because the name was to long. She suggested to name the town after her husband. Colonel Wallace refused because there were many other towns named Wallace. Lucy Wallace ignored her husband's opinions and filled out the United States Post Office Department slip listing the Post Office in the name of Wallace. And it remains to this day.


                           A New Way of Transport

  With the coming of September of 1887, Colonel Wallace held a town meeting for the future plans of the new railroad coming in. The railroad would provide the avenue through which all the valuable ore could be transferred elsewhere for processing. 


Teddy Roosevelt 

Theodore Roosevelt came to Wallace Idaho in 1903. 




Lana Turner

Julia Jean Turner was born at the Providence Hospital in Wallace at the mouth of Burke Canyon, and spent her childhood years in an old house near the railroad tracks in the Canyon. However, by four, her family had moved to Wallace.1924-1925.


Attractions and Recreation

From the mountain Biking on the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes and the trail of Hiawatha, to the skiing on Lookout Pass and Silver Mountain. Wallace has always been a great place for recreation. The wonderful outdoors  makes it all the better. Wonderful trails link each town in the Silver Valley together. The natural beauty and old fashion town gives Wallace its own unique style.

Great museums and tours give tourists something else to do. While learning about the towns history, they enjoy a day of fun.





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Old Mill Cabin picture












Northern Pacific locomotive 74




A waterfall waits at the exit of the Taft Tunnel


Wallace, Idaho